09 Jun - 11 Jun 2024

Associations World Congress 2024

Graz, Austria

Europe’s most-attended event by association leaders & executives.

17 Apr 2024

Commissioning Short Video Films: What works & avoiding the pitfalls

Learn about the power of short video films and how they can help your association.

18 Apr 2024

All things EVENTS

Discuss all things events: strategy, event purpose, portfolio development, content, marketing, sponsorship, long-term planning and more.

24 Apr 2024

Scaling up from a Confex to an Exhibition as a Member-led Association

Learn about the future of the payments industry in events.

25 Apr 2024


Discuss all things membership: Engagement and Retention.

02 May 2024


Discuss all things regarding leading associations and their governance.

20 May 2024

The Event Budgeting Playbook

6 models, checklists and frameworks to ensure effective pricing and budgeting for profitable and successful events.

03 Jul 2024

The Event Marketing Playbook

8 frameworks, checklists and strategies to deliver event marketing success.

09 Jul 2024

The Event Sponsorship Playbook

6 frameworks, checklists and strategies to maximise sponsor and exhibitor sales.

04 Nov 2024

The Event Strategy Playbook

Structuring and developing your 3-5 year events strategy to deliver a successful portfolio.

11 Nov 2024

The Event Market Mapping Playbook

Creating a blueprint to shape your marketing, sponsorship and PR execution plans.