05 Sep - 07 Sep 2022

Associations World Congress 2022

Lisbon, Portugal

Europe’s most-attended event by association leaders & executives

05 Dec - 06 Dec 2022

Association Leaders Symposium


Bringing the Executive Director and Chair / President together to define annual priorities and determining how to work better together.

28 Jun 2022

International Leaders: CPD for CEOs

03 Aug 2022

Planning your association's hybrid events

This masterclass will help you get clarity on considering the options and formulate a plan of action. 

20 Sep 2022

SEO for Associations: Boosting your rankings

Discover tips and tactics on how to optimise your online presence and get found online by your ideal target audiences.

11 Oct 2022

How to plan an effective Social Media Campaign for your Association

Get in control of your social media with our guide to campaign planning

18 Oct 2022

Content Marketing for Associations - How to create valuable content

Learn how to adopt a more strategic approach to content marketing and identify the purpose and role of your content in attracting and engaging your target audience.

15 Nov 2022

How to make your website more user friendly

How to make your website more user-friendly with an essential website checklist

22 Nov 2022

Effective Chairing: Making meetings more productive

A framework for effective and enjoyable meetings - that even attendees will love!

06 Dec 2022

Measuring Your Digital Success: Which digital channels are working best for your Association

Use data and insights to invest your time and budget wisely, and generate the best results from your marketing efforts

21 Feb 2023

Influencing and Motivating: engaging others and harnessing their talents

How can you get comfortable with influence and persuasion, find a way to do it effectively that works for you?