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Coaching for Association Leaders with John Scarrott

How are you? How’s your leadership holding up? How are you showing up for your team, your members, your board and the wider community? And is this leading to the action that will enable you, your people and your organisation to make it through these tricky times? Things might be going well and you want to keep them that way. Or perhaps you’re facing things for which there are no easy answers. And some situations that are downright impossible.

The possibility that comes from a willingness to explore, to be listened to and to hear yourself clearly, and to be given the space to find ways forward, however bleak the circumstances. It is in finding and exploring possibility that we can discover the magic to manage the trick.

Coaching for possibility

Working with a coach, is an invitation to invest in yourself for a change. Coaching is a conversation. A conversation within a safe and confidential space for you to speak, and be heard, by your coach and by yourself. It’s the space to think, speak and feel your way into topics where you don’t already know the answer, to get comfortable with that and to explore possibilities.

What happens is purposeful. It’s an invitation to pause to discover and become alive to something previously overlooked. In the high speed of your day to day, perhaps the desire for answers beats the desire for questions and curiosity. Yet it is often when we make the space to pause, to create questions and curiosity, that we take ourselves to the very answer we’re looking for. This is your opportunity to travel.

About John

John is the perfect coach for AAE members. He brings both professional training as a coach and a first-hand understanding of the association world, having held a senior role in an association for seven years.

John is a professionally trained coach with a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Credential awarded by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) the only globally recognised professional coaching body. He has a Diploma and Certificate in Professional Coaching Skills and trained with Coaching Development Ltd, whose highly regarded coach training courses are accredited by the ICF. He works to their code of ethics and competencies and the highest professional standards.

In addition to his work with AAE members, he is the Institute of Data and Marketing’s retained Presentation Skills trainer and has also worked with members of the Royal Society of Biology, the International Seed Federation and the Institute of Financial Accountants amongst others.

What John's clients say about him

“I’ve been amazed at how much came out in terms of new directions of thinking.”

“I feel more confident that I have what it takes to lead”

“Created a really strong base for my future growth personally and professionally.”

“Made me challenge things I’ve done for years without realising why”

“Magically helped me think through the issues on my own”

“Sessions were mine to lead. Any interjection took me to the next layer”

“I learned I have a great number of traits that can be used to my advantage.”

“I have become more focused, on the professional side of things and in my personal life.”

“There was always an ‘aha’ moment, where we landed on an insight that was very powerful for me.”

“I’m definitely thinking about myself more clearly now.”

What now?

Why not set up a call to explore whether John’s coaching would be right for you.

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