Associations World Congress 2024

How you participate in the congress

Participating in the congress is:

  • With no delegate fee for guests, otherwise EUR 800 / GBP 700 per delegate
  • Subject to acceptance of of your "Booking" and confirmation by email
  • Based on delegates contributing to the content, an approach that has excellent feedback, and is described under "Your Participation" below
  • Includes the elements shown in the "What's Included" section below
  • Subject to a cancellation policy: with no fee to cancel up to 18 April 2024, after which there is a fee, however you can transfer your participation to a colleague at any time (if they match the delegate criteria) without attracting a cancellation fee
  • Subject to the full Terms and Conditions online here

Participation Preparation

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Where you are staying


Book one of the Congress Hotels & Your Travel
Book one of the congress hotels with the system provided (by the Graz Convention Bureau), and your flight / train ticket. 
Go to your event booking, click on the "Edit my Details" button, and go to Page 2. Select the option for where you are staying and your travel info, and then go to the last page when you will be advised "Your details have been updated". 

Within 7 days of  booking

Sessions you are attending

Select the Sessions you are attending
Select the sessions you are going to attend. Bear in mind that every session (except the plenary) is limited in size. 
Go to your event booking, click on the "My Sessions" button, and select your sessions (one per morning and one per afternoon). Then press the "Save/book Sessions" button.

29 Apr - 8 May

Input into each Session

Provide input into each of your Sessions
Every delegate provides input into each session they are attending so the Session Leaders can plan the sessions.
Login and go to the "My Session Input" page and complete each form for the sessions you have booked. Make a note of the two Case Studies you will share with delegates (see below).
Estimated effort: 10-20 mins total

29 Apr - 8 May

Case Studies to share

Prepare Experiences for sharing
Every delegate prepares a document with their experiences relating to one session they are attending, to share with other delegates. This is a most important contribution that helps your peers learn from you.
A template Word doc will be made available to download. You can then upload these in a submission form.
Estimated effort: 20 mins

29 Apr - 19 May

Appointments with Suppliers

Make appointments with the Strategic Suppliers
Every delegate pre-schedules 8 appointments with the strategic suppliers taking part, and then attends these during scheduled appointment sessions which take place at a time when no other activities take place. 
Estimated effort: 20 mins


21 May - 31 May

Your Participation onsite

Elements Included
Medical Associations Meeting (medical associations only, optional)
Welcome Reception (optional)
Hosted dinners (optional and subject to availability)
Congress morning session
Refreshment breaks mid morning  
Appointments with suppliers x 4
Congress afternoon session
Refreshment breaks mid afternoon
Appointments with suppliers x 3 (optional)
Congress Party
Congress morning session
Appointments with suppliers x 4
Refreshment breaks mid morning
Lunch (optional)
Congress afternoon session (optional)
Video recordings of Presentations
Local travel on the trams in Graz
Hotel accommodation is not included
Travel to or from the event is not included

Your Participation after

Elements Included
Watch video recordings of Presentations (optional)
Contribute to online discussions with other delegates (optional)