United Kingdom Association Success Awards

Countdown to the Awards opening for Submissions

The Association of Association Executives has been recognising and sharing since 2006.

The ethos of all the AAE Awards is recognizing success and sharing the know-how across associations. The awards programme is a non-profit-making initiative where nominees pay a low admin fee for entering. 

The awards are supported by the most distinguished associations and societies, and have the highest reputation for fair and good practices.

Why nominate

There are many reasons to nominate in this awards:

  • Be recognised for your contribution to the sucess of the organisation
  • Show your members the quality of the work you produce for them and for their organisation
  • Enhance your organisation's brand and reputation with a great PR opportunity
  • Receive recognition that can support your career progression
  • Show appreciation for the hard work and results of your employees and volunteers
  • Nominate a supplier to promote their great service
Who nominates

You can nominate:

  • Yourself, a colleague, a friend in another association
  • A team you are in, or another one in your own or another association
  • A project of your own, of a colleague(s), or both, or a contact's
  • Your own association or an association you are acquainted with
  • A client association or a client project (if you are a supplier)
  • A supplier to associations can nominate their client association
  • Association employees can nominate suppliers (No Fee!)

The nine areas across which you can nominate:

  • People & Teams
  • Organisation
  • Leadership projects
  • Membership & Communities
  • Conferences & Events
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Education & Professional Development
  • Publishing & Information
  • Supplier Support


  • Nominations for Suppliers are free of charge and unlimited
  • In all other categories, Members of AAE get one free nomination and then 20% discount for additional nominations
  • The standard nomination fee is GBP 95.00
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How to Nominate

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