05 Jul 2024

Six powerful ways that helped generate 15k sales enquiries for a trade association's members

A focus on supporting members to increase revenue is one of the top expectations of trade associations.

In today's competitive landscape, offering trade association members tools to achieve business growth is a significant benefit. After the pandemic a focus on supporting members to increase revenue is one of the top expectations of trade associations.

The UK Self Storage Association (SSA UK) headed up by AAE member Rennie Schafer,  has shown how a strategic partnership can lead to remarkable outcomes; over the past 12 months, 15,000 sales enquiries and approximately £4 million in revenue for its members.

This partnership was initiated because SSA UK recognised that its members were spending heavily on Google Ads but lacked the expertise to measure outcomes or improve advertising performance effectively. Many members relied on consultants with limited industry understanding.

SSA UK chose Your Business Angels (YBA) as a preferred supplier due to their proven track record within the industry, including a notable 75% revenue increase for a self-storage business. Moreover, YBA demonstrated a commitment to tailoring strategies to the self-storage sector and coupled with being a top 3% Google Ads agency proved a valuable partnership for members.

The partnership's foundation was built on providing clear, valuable, industry-specific guidance to help members achieve business growth, and at no extra cost.

SSA UK's collaboration with YBA showcases how strategic partnerships can drive significant business growth for trade association members as well as educating the industry as a whole. The partnership has delivered a significant increase in quality website traffic, higher conversion rates, and enhanced digital marketing skills among all members including those that are not using YBA for their Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.

SSA Conference 2024, partner presenting

By leveraging expert Google Ads services, the industry as a whole has become more efficient in its online spend, is measuring data more accurately and actively managing the efficiencies of their accounts. Members are more knowledgeable when dealing with their pay per click providers.

Here's how SSA UK achieved these impressive results and how other trade associations can replicate their success by working with their PPC partner.

Educational, Industry-specific content

PPC partner consistently contributes to SSA UK's magazine with insights and case studies on effective Google Ads strategies. These articles equip members with the knowledge to maximise their digital marketing investments, driving better returns and business growth.

Interactive Workshops

Workshops and webinars have been pivotal in offering hands-on training. PPC partner's presence at SSA UK's Winter Workshop in Saint Anton, where they covered everything from basic setup to advanced optimisation techniques, has empowered members to implement what they learn effectively. This personal guidance has proven invaluable. It was even presented in a blow-up airplane!


Regular webinars on a variety of topics have provided ongoing education and insights. These sessions help members stay up-to-date with the latest strategies and techniques in digital marketing, to help them achieve better results.

Conference Presentations

Presenting at SSA UK conferences their PPC partner shares real-life success stories and actionable strategies. These engaging presentations have helped many members to achieve more from their Google Ads spend and results.

1:1 Google Performance Consultations

The PPC partner offers personalised consultations to SSA UK members who are interested in changing the way they structure their online advertising to achieve better results and more sales enquiries. This is tailored to the business and their goals.

Industry Reports

The PPC partner provides industry-specific benchmarking data that provide real-life insights, for businesses to compare their performance against industry standards.



Rennie Schafer, CEO of SSA UK, reflects on their experience:

"The affiliate partnership with YBA has been incredibly beneficial for our members. It requires minimal effort from us but delivers substantial value. Our members gain access to top-tier Google Ads expertise and resources for free, that they might not otherwise afford or implement effectively. They are kept up to date with the ever changing google landscape and have the opportunity to work with a supplier that really understands the industry if they choose to. As well as providing us relevant content for our magazine and webinars, it’s a win for everyone. This level of service has enhanced our value proposition, making membership more attractive and beneficial.”


Laura Moxham.PNG

Laura Moxham, MD of YBA, comments:

“We are thrilled with our partnership with SSA UK. It is incredibly rewarding to leverage our skills and knowledge to provide a high-value, low-cost benefit to members and help drive success for the self-storage industry.”


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