28 May 2024

Guide to continuous improvement

ReadyMembership will be providing delegates with their report on Continuous Improvement, a critical approach for all associations.

Visit ReadyMembership to get a copy of this guide, where they’ll take you through what you need to ask about yourself and your tech partner to prepare you for successful continuous improvement.

This guide will help you:

  • Discover why continuous improvement is important for membership organisations
  • Understand where you are now with your people, processes and technology - and what you need going forward
  • Know your technology options and which are right for you
  • Understand the governance and roles that need to be in place for ongoing success
  • Learn how to create a culture of change that keeps you improving
  • See what a good vendor partnership looks like
  • Understand when a full relaunch is needed

At the end of our guide you will find a handy checklist to help create and kick-start your road to continuous improvement.

Make an appointment or visit during breaks and lunches to meet Alex Skinner or Danny Mahon at the ReadyMembership or Eventfolio tables for a copy of the report.