06 Feb 2024

Evalato launches a free certification course for awards managers

Evalato launches Evalato Academy for awards management education.

Evalato awards management software is launching Evalato Academy — the ultimate destination for awards management education that aims to help awards managers everywhere elevate their skills.

Evalato Academy kicks off with Awards Management Certification — the first certification course of its kind, which will help both beginners and seasoned professionals gain in-depth awards management knowledge and applicable skills. 

Completely free and available on-demand, the course features 30+ video lessons and resources. Upon successful completion of a final quiz, those who have enrolled in the course will receive an awards management certificate to prove their proficiency.     

“Organising a stellar awards program is no small feat and requires a very specific skill set. And with most awards managers acquiring those skills through trial and error, we feel that there is an overall need to organize and share what is essentially niche knowledge to the benefit of awards organizers everywhere,” comments Ovanes Ovanessian, co-founder of Evalato. 

Evalato Academy is available here




Evalato is a next-gen submission and evaluation platform for awards, grants, applications, call for papers, scholarships, recognition and other programs. Evalato is an innovative solution that offers streamlined and convenient processes for everyone involved – the organizer, the applicants, and the panel of experts tasked with evaluating the submissions.