Who we help


We help employees and volunteers with multiple functions, at all levels in work-related membership organizations to grow their knowledge and expertise, supporting them throughout their career.




We help work-related membership organizations to get the best from their people, to raise the quality and performance of their organization, services, events and products, and value to their sector.



We help Individuals

In these functions
Level - icon - Executive Head.png Leadership & Governance
Membership & Communities Membership & Communities
Conferences & Events Conferences & Events
Professional Development & Education Professional Development & Education
Marketing & Communications Marketing & Communications
Publishing & Data Publishing & Data
In these positions
Area - Icon - Leadership.png CEOs, Managing Directors, Executive Heads, Directors General
Level - icon - Director _ HOD.png Directors & Heads of Department
Level - icon - Manager.png Senior Managers & Managers
Level - icon - Administrator.png Co-ordinators & Administrators
Level - icon - Chair.png Board Chairs & Presidents 
Level - icon - Board member.png Board Members & Volunteer Executives

We help organizations

Types of organizations
Professional & Learned Societies Professional & Learned Societies
Individual Membership Organisations Individual Member Organizations
Business Member Organizations Business Member Organizations
Trade Associations Trade Associations
Institutions & Institutes Institutions & Institutes
Councils Councils
User Groups User groups
Other membership organizations Other membership organizations where people join in their professional / work capacity
With membership geographies
International International
Regional Regional: European, African, American, Asian, Middle East etc.
National National
State State
District District
City City
Language Language: Francophone, Lusophone, etc