Tutor a Masterclass

Masterclasses are interactive educational workshops for association executives at manager, director, head of department or leadership roles. They involve presentations from a tutor and reflection individually and within the group.

Masterclasses can be "mini" from 1hr 30 mins, half-day or whole day, and can take place online or physically, and are mostly free-scheduled but sometimes within conferences, summits and congresses. All Masterclasses repeat either each Quarter or Half year.

Who tutors Masterclasses

  • Educational providers
  • Consultants to associations
  • Very accomplished current or former employees and association executives
About the Content

Delegates will be taken through a process, sometimes by working through case studies (provided by the tutor or by the delegates themselves), or by building on a set of discussion points.  Alternatively it could be skills-based where delegates are given facilitated time to practice as well as learning new skills that they can apply to their everyday work. 'Round-table' or long or frequent discussions are not suitable in a Masterclass. 

Would you like to Tutor a Masterclass?
Online Masterclasses
  • All AAE tutors are skilled in tutoring online
  • Zoom is the main online tool used
  • Delegates are required to switch on their video to take part
  • A half-day Masterclass is one 3-4 hour online event
  • A whole-day Masterclass is two 3-4 hour online events, each on a separate day, usually a week apart
Physical Masterclasses
  • Venue - City centre venues
  • Catering - Refreshments on arrival and in breaks, and a light lunch
  • Rooms - will be set up with roundtables or U shape
  • AV - projector and screen and the tutor's laptop, with no microphone
  • Flipcharts - may be used by some tutors
  • Power can not be guaranteed for delegates for their phone charging or laptops
  • Start from 9.30/10am, include refreshment breaks and a one hour lunch break, and then finish at 4.30/5pm

How we decide what Masterclasses to hold

  • On receipt of a proposal (see above form), we confirm interest, advise of business models and invite you to suggest time/days for a video call to discuss further
  • In the video call, the proposal is discussed and business model and actions agreed
  • Provisional copy of the Promotional Information (see below) is provided to AAE soon after
  • AAE reviews the proposal, and consults with members over a 2-3 week period
  • Feedback is provided to the tutor for changes / decision to go ahead
  • A decision is made between the tutor and AAE as to the viability of the Masterclass
  • If going ahead, the tutor proides the final copy and all promotional information
  • Dates for the first Masterclass are then proposed and agreed - see schedule below

Promotional information required

  • Title (60 characters max)
  • Teaser text (approx 100 characters) - this should be the key reason to join the Masterclass
  • Two or more paragraphs introduction, including what challenges the delegate will be facing that the Masterclass addresses
  • One paragraph on what the delegate will be able to achieve after attending the Masterclass
  • One or more paragraphs on the experience of the tutor has that makes them authoritative on the topic of the Masterclass (not a bio)
  • Testimonials of the Tutor's excellence, skills and knowledge, preferably with named peope and organisations, for publication
  • What will be covered in the Masterclass, broken down into sessions, with 4-6 bullets for each session
  • Ideally there would be a minimum of 2 sessions within a 1.5hr Masterclass, and 3 or 4 within a 3hr / 4hr Masterclass etc.
  • Who should attend: Job roles, and types of associations as appropriate

Other Speaker information required

  • Speaker photo (professional style)
  • Speaker short biography (50 words)
  • Optional question to be asked of the registrants in advance, (eg. for providing you guidance in focusing your presentation)

Tutors Schedule

Requirements of tutors once the Masterclass has been reviewed and agreed.

3 months prior: Provide final copy text and additional information, as above
  Agree a date for the first Masterclass
  Review the Masterclass website for final approval
11 weeks prior Promote the Masterclass in Tutor's linkedIn profile / page and on Twitter, from this date onwards, with the artwork provided by AAE
  Write an article to promote the Masterclass
10 weeks Review bookings every fortnight
30 days prior: Provide the Workbook in MS Word for review and formatting by AAE
  Provide one or more Polls, which will give you a profile of the attendees situation relating to the topic
  Provide any Best Practice or other content for the Resource Centre, to be provided to attendees immediately after the Masterclass
Monday prior: Preparation test for 10 minutes to ensure that the slides show correctly in Zoom, and confirm handling of Q&A, Polls etc
20 mins prior: Join and re-check display, and any final questions, before delegates start joining at 10mins prior
On day or day after: Send any follow-up information to delegates and provide to AAE
  Add welcoming comments in the Discussion Forum where delegates review the video of the sessions
1 - 14 days after: Respond to folllow up questions  / comments to a reasonable extent