Present a Keynote taster

Keynote tasters are short online presentations given live on Friday lunchtimes, that promote professional speakers to association event organisers.

The AAE has in its community over 8,000 association employees with responsibility for events. Of these, 90% are based in Europe and half of these within the UK. The associations are professional bodies, trade associations, business associations and scientific organisations. Each of these organisations have an annual conference which includes one or more keynote speakers. In the next 18-24 months these are going to be either totally or mostly online.

About the Keynote tasters
  • Take place on Fridays at 13:00hrs UK time | 14:00hrs CET
  • Last 30 minutes, as either 20 min presentation and 10 min Q&A or just a 30 min presentation
  • Hosted by AAE using Zoom, which will be either Webinar (no video of delegates) or Meeting (video for all), depending on the number of registrants.
  • A member of the AAE team will welcome delegates and introduce the speaker
  • A slide presentation is not necessary
  • Is video recorded and will be available for the association community behind a login (without fee) in our Resource Centre, in perpetuity worlwide
  • These are promotion for the speakers and no fee is paid
Presentation content

Your presentation should be:

  • An example of what you can present
  • Demonstrate your effectiveness online
  • Suitable for an audience that do not work in the same company, as this is the case for both our delegates to the Keynotes, and for our members' delegates
  • Without humour particular to a single country/region, as delegates are likely to be of many nationalities
  • Without any promotion. eg. do not talk about what else you could speak on, as this will be promoted elsewhere
Keynote information required
  • Title (60 characters max)
  • Teaser text (approx 100 characters) - this should be the key interest point
  • 3-4 paragraphs describing the Keynote
  • Speaker photo (professional style)
  • Speaker short biography of maximum 50 words

On receipt of the above, the AAE event team will provide you with a link to select which day you want to speak on.

Requirements of presenters
  • Send to the AAE the Keynote information
  • Select which Friday they will speak on (link provided by AAE)
  • Re-confirm a month in advance
  • 20 mins prior: Join the Zoom, check sharing screen if required, and to run through how the host will introduce you and manage any questions
  • Present for 30 minutes
Promotion provided by AAE
  • Marketing of the Keynote taster by email to 19,000 association employees, at least four times
  • Promotion of the recording in the Resource Centre to 19,000 association employees
  • Both the Event website page and the Recording website page to include link to more information and to book you, at your or your agent's website 

If you would like to present a Keynote taster, please email with the your proposal.