Join an Advisory Panel

The AAE is advised by members of Advisory Panels guiding it to produce high value offerings, products and services. The panels are either by area or geographically focused and sometimes a combination.

Specialist Function Panels

  • Leadership & Governance
  • Membership & Communities
  • Conferences & Events
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Education & Professional Development
  • Publishing & Information
  • Public policy & Campaigning

Geographic Panels

  • Africa
  • Asia

Other Panels

  • Small associations

What Panel members do

  • Provide perspective on the AAE's activities
  • Act as a sounding board on subject and technical issues relevant to the AAE’s event programmes, publications, news, content, training, eLearning, surveys, benchmarking and other offerings
  • Help the AAE, where requested, to develop and maintain links with the community
  • Expose the AAE to the full range of their views on issues relating to the AAE’s work

Benefits of being on an advisory panel

  • Be instrumental in developing high quality services, information, events, best practice and professional standards for the association community
  • Attend an advisory panel lunch or online social event once per year
  • Be a member of the Advisory Panel's online discussion group
  • Attend one of the Association Congresses or other major conference as a guest each year

Membership of advisory panels naturally involves sensitive information and so is not suitable for those who are: on boards, panels or are advisors to other similar organisations.

If you are an employee of an association and would like to join one of these panels, please email