Present an Expert Briefing

An Expert Briefing provides instructional information in a narrow field, based on the expert knowledge of the presenter gleened from their experience, and from best practice established working with many associations. Expert Briefings are not case studies or case study led, and usually presented by a consultant or highly service-focused supplier of renown.

Briefings should not be about a service or product, or on a practice or activity that is exclusively available with a product or service from the presenter's organisation.  The presenter gains from the audience recognising the depth of experience and knowledge of the presenter and by extension, the competence within the presenter's organisation. No promotion of services or products may be made.

The Expert Briefings:
  1. Are 20 minutes long + 15 minutes Q&A
  2. Take place online and often at the same time as other Briefings
  3. Are best supported with a document (with checklist / specification / lists, or other points), created by the presenter, and distributed to delegates during the presentation
  4. Are presented by only one expert
  5. The expert should be available to respond to questions in an online discussion forum dedicated to the Expert Briefing for a month after the presentation
  6. May not be a case study based presentation, but may reference examples of how specific associations
  7. May not be a repeat of a previous Expert Briefing or titled the same as any presentation made or to be made elsewhere
  8. Should not include any reference to any service or product provided by the presenter
  9. Are recorded for the Resource Center and made available to the AAE community worldwide in perpituity
Example Expert Briefing Titles & Descriptions

Forget webcasting viewers… what you need are active participants
Many associations are now appreciating the value of reaching an audience beyond the confines of the conference room, by live streaming their events. But, if the remote audience are just passive viewers and not actively participating, then they might just as well watch a video on demand. In this briefing Martin Shepherdly, with over 10 years experience in delegate interaction online, will brief you on the four key off-the-shelf and affordable solutions to help you fully engage remote delegates in your webcasts.

Good-bye Event App: Why association apps are the future
This briefing will explore how mobile apps are shifting from being a handy add-on at events to a growing strategic tool for the associations behind them. App-Expert Nuria Kluft will take you through a brief history of the event app and raise the question of why the objectives of these apps no longer align with those of associations. Join Nuria as she looks into the future and learn how associations can use apps to grow their conferences, enforce their strategy and excite their members.

How benchmarking can add value and attract and retain members
Benchmarking among members is a highly valued individual service. Hear how benchmarking contributes to retaining and attracting new members and what member needs, pains and gains it serves. Tonnis van Dam, with over 15 years working with many associations will bring his critical experience to the briefing.

Last updated in 25/04/2020