The Event Marketing Playbook

8 frameworks, checklists and strategies to deliver event marketing success.

Delegate numbers not returned to pre-pandemic or dropping? Bookings at a nail-biting last minute? Worried that you’re not reaching the right people, through the right channels? However spot-on and well-produced your content might be – it’s all about getting the right people in the room. Building your Event Market Map, you have the required tools to create and deliver an exceptional marketing plan. 

Ensure your marketing team are high performers with exceptional marketing success.

This practical hands-on Masterclass will teach you a series of strategies, approaches and frameworks so that you can:

  • Understand your marketplace and establish your event positioning
  • Understand how to create an Audience Curation Plan
  • Establish the key marketing messages and how to communicate them to your team and marketing partners
  • Evaluate whether your marketing is successful – what you need to do up-front
  • Establish the criteria required for the proportion of new activities to include in your plan
  • Balance your use of marketing channels and which to focus on
  • Create an effective Delegate Marketing Execution Plan
  • Understand what works and what doesn’t – how to fine-tune your marketing for focused results
  • Know where to find those “marketing gold” nuggets
  • Create magical marketing partnerships that deliver again and again
  • Have clarity on what to include in your event PR plan

Give your team the tools and frameworks to create exceptional marketing plans and strategies that ensure the right people are 'in the room' – and the surplus is made. 

Who should attend

Events strategists, Managers, Directors, Heads of Department and Executive Heads, of Associations, Societies, Federations and all membership organisations

What's included

  • Tutoring & presentation
  • Access to the recording post event
  • Discussion forum for tutor and delegates 
  • Certificate of Attendance 

CPD Value

This masterclass is awarded 3 hours / 180 minutes of CPD time.





Sasha Frieze

Sasha Frieze

Managing Director, The Business Narrative

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