07 Sep 2021

Social Media Strategy for Associations

Gain knowledge, skills and confidence to develop a social media strategy that supports your associations objectives

12 Oct 2021

Analysing your online success: How to find out which digital channels are working best for your Association

Use data and insights to invest your time and budget wisely, and generate the best results from your marketing efforts

14 Oct 2021

Transforming your Conferences & Events

Driving: value for members, your organisation's impact and surplus profit

18 Oct 2021

Developing your Members to become Association Leaders

Associations Leaders are usually developed, not born. This Masterclass will look at a successful and innovative leadership development programme which can improve governance within your association.

09 Nov 2021

Presenting Success: How to prepare and deliver for impact and influence

Many things about presentations remain the same. And yet, where and how we are presenting has undergone a seismic shift. Presenting Success will share how to prepare and deliver for impact and influence in a world of virtual working.