Mastering Membership Renewals

Learn how to optimize your membership renewal strategy

Effective membership renewals are essential for the vitality of any association, significantly influencing financial health and long-term viability. Mastering the renewal process is key to retaining members, building loyalty, and maintaining consistent engagement. Associations that excel in renewals can sustain a strong membership base, which in turn supports their mission, enhances their influence, and provides a steady stream of resources to fuel growth and innovation.

Join us for an insightful seminar focused on optimizing membership renewals and boosting member retention. Matthew Lovell, the Member Operations Manager of the Institute of Physics will delve into the organization’s latest strategies for managing the renewals process, including a comprehensive overview of the 2024 IoP campaign. IoP's 2024 renewal campaign achieved a higher retention rate, was completed in two fewer months and saved almost £4.5k.

He will explore and share with you:

  • Why IoP decided to review and restructure their renewal system,
  • How the new renewals helped IoP to achieve greater renewal rate with less costs,
  • Techniques for influencing member behavior, 
  • The importance of setting clear boundaries, 
  • The differences and benefits of different renewal systems: anniversary vs single-point renewals. 


12:00 - Introduction
12:05 - Presentation
12:35 - Questions & Answers
12:55 - Close


Matthew Lovell

Matthew Lovell

Member Operations Manager, Institute of Physics

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