Improving organisational accountability and resilience

Future-proof your organisation by improving your accountability and governance

Establishing strong accountability at all levels within an organization is essential. It not only enhances work and governance processes and relationships with trustees and other stakeholders but also prepares your association to face challenges and seize new opportunities, fostering true resilience.

Restructuring your organization by implementing clear procedures, reporting, and management systems requires a comprehensive top-down and bottom-up approach, aligned with your long-term strategy. This seminar will delve into the dynamics of governance overhaul to boost accountability and resilience in your organization. Join Ben Peachey, Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors, as he shares concrete examples, learnings, and challenges from their own experience.

We will identify and explore:

  • Why you should consider a governance restructure
  • How to get everyone in your team and organization on board
  • How to collaborate effectively with your executive team and board during a governance overhaul
  • Concrete examples of processes and projects that can improve your organizational accountability, such as ISO 9001, improved financial reporting, quarterly management reports, and HR updates


12:00 - Introduction
12:05 - Presentation
12:35 - Questions & Answers
12:55 - Close


Ben Peachey

Ben Peachey

Chief Executive, Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors

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