17 Jul 2020

Keynote: Command the Screen and Engage your Audience

Learn how you can make a profound impact in how you, and your message is perceived.

24 Jul 2020

Keynote: Unleash hidden resources – The Secret salesforce

Discover 5 principles that will equip you to engage employees, retain customers, and increase sales

31 Jul 2020

Keynote: Turning Uncertainty into Competitive Advantage

Through story-telling and the use of numerous lessons, anecdotes and experiences from 35 years of creating, growing and exiting my own businesses and advising many others, I explain to audiences how to turn uncertainty into competitive advantage.

07 Aug 2020

Keynote: Memorable Messaging - Tips from a BBC Correspondent

In a lively and fun keynote, James will teach you how we can use the same techniques that he uses in a television broadcast to make our content stand out from the crowd.

14 Aug 2020

Keynote: The Roadmap to Resilience - How to Thrive in Challenging Time

The Roadmap to Resilience provides the strategic framework you need to help you develop Radical Resilience so you can thrive in the challenging times we live in