11 Jun 2024

Winners of the International & European Success Awards 2024

We are pleased to announce the winners for the International & European Association Awards 2024.

We had a fantastic selection of entries across the categories. Congratulations to the winners and the finalist associations and thank you to everyone who has submitted an entry.

Best Digital Transformation

Winner: Digital Communication Transformation Strategy, International Hip Preservation Society

The judges said: "An example of how an increase in more open communications can benefit an association.  This digital transformation ensures that ISHA reaches the wider world, creating new interactions, attracting new members and meeting member needs."

Best Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

Winner: Talent Incubator Programme, European Association of Urology - Young Urologists Office

The judges said: "Thinking of the new generation and enabling them as leaders of the future is at the core of this project. An excellent example of great progress."

Sustainability Advocate

Winner: Airport Carbon Accreditation - Level 5, Airports Council International

The judges said: "A very innovative and well executed project, enabling airports to reach and maintain a net zero carbon balance for emissions. Congratulations on this remarkable achievement and great contribution to sustainability."

Best New Event

Winner: Airspace World 2023, Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation

The judges said: "Amazing number of attendees for a first-time event. CANSO planned their vision around their available resource without shying away from hiring external partners, resulting in a well thought-out and extremely impressive event."

Best Development of an Existing Event

Winner: 2030 In Sight Live, International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness

The judges said: "An event with a holistic approach, strong planning, execution, and outcomes, with a clear focus on advancing the purpose of the organization and engaging stakeholders effectively. Great title and branding too! Very well done!"

Best Long-standing Event, Under 1000 participants

Winner: ISHA Annual Scientific Conference, International Hip Preservation Society

The judges said: "A great case study of how to use an Annual Conference to spread its important agenda and messages more widely, and to redefine itself, both in its range of activities and in its organisational structure. A truly global event. Clear and great qualitative and quantitative results."

Best Long-standing Event, Over 1000 participants

Winner: World Hydropower Congress, International Hydropower Association

The judges said "Not just a congress but a staging post on the mission to urge the use of hydropower to address our carbon challenges. Convening a full range of stakeholders was a real positive for forwarding the conversation and mission of the event. Kudos on a very well produced and successful congress."

Best Association Video

Winner: Connecting the Dots, MedTech Europe

The judges said: "Brilliant job of sharing the perspectives of all concerned - patients, caregivers, innovators, and healthcare professionals. Amazing quality in an approach we could all learn a lot from. Visually impressive initiative with compelling and heartfelt content."

Best Association Podcast

Winner: Shine On Policycast, SolarPower Europe

The judges said "You made memorable, engaging and interesting a podcast on a topic that can otherwise come across as difficult and dry. 
Good idea to let team members shine who are experts in their area. Human-centric and fun approach. Well done on an extremely well executed project and a successful podcast series!"

Effective Voice of the Year

Winner: #Because Hormones Matter 2023, European Society of Endocrinology

The judges said: "Smart campaign in how it to engage the different audiences from policymakers to media and the community, to generate more traction despite the limited resources. A well thought through campaign with a simple message to achieve a big impact in the community."

Best Education or Professional Development Offering

Winner: IAS+, International AIDS Society

The judges said: "Compliments for the planning, implementation and impact this project has had. IAS+ hosts groundbreaking science in a variety of different formats and languages. Great goals, objectives and cause - the results are outstanding."

Best Event Technology

Winner: CTI Meeting Technology

Their client associationa said:
"CTI staff have stepped in to offer additional assistance when our technological skills have fallen short of what's needed.”
“They were open to co-operate and collaborate, they made me feel very comfortable and helped me at all steps throughout the process.”
“I could not have wished for better support."

Best Association Technology

Winner: ReadyMembership by Pixl8

Their client associations said:
"They truly understand associations and their needs.” 
“Pixl8 were willing to invest in development of their ReadyMembership product to meet our requirements.”
 “They continue to innovate based on the feedback from their clients."
“The best comprehensive system with unrivalled personalisation and automation that enables us to deliver much more for our members”

Association Executive of the Year

Winner: Holly Sisman, Gafta

The judges said: "Holly emerges as a dedicated, proactive, and highly competent Association Executive. I'm deeply impressed by her capability to be innovative in times of crisis where prompt responses are needed. Holly has demonstrated the ability to combine both strategic and operational aspects of her role, showing attention to detail alongside strategic and political acumen."

European Executive Director of the Year

Winner: Thomas Nowak, European Heat Pump Association

The judges said: "Not just a strong leader of his organization but someone who is recognised and leads the field as a true leader should. Clearly inspirational, driven, enthusiastic, innovative and influential. Very impressive."

International Executive Director of the Year

Winner: Jean-Luc Eiselé, World Heart Federation

The judges said"He has a strong focus on management efficiency, whilst at the same time developing a global focus on the question of heart health. Really interesting and significant innovator"

European Association of the Year

Winner: SolarPower Europe

The judges said: "SolarPower Europe's mission is to make solar energy the leading power source in Europe by 2030. With remarkable revenue growth, influential contributions to European legislation, exceptional events, impressive communication outreach, and dedicated member services, SolarPower Europe is accomplishing extraordinary feats!"

International Association of the Year

Winner: International Water Resources Association

The judges said: "IWRA is driving powerful positive change and innovation in water resource management. The association brings together stakeholders from academia, government, civil society, and the private sector, facilitating interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration, with truly impressive results."