15 Jul 2023

Successful Technologies for Associations

Learn what technologies and functions are most critical to the success of your association.


Ben Sturt
Ben Sturt

Managing Director, Chrysalis Digital

Ben Sturt is the founder of Chrysalis Digital, a leading digital and data consultancy in the membership sector. His digital career began in 1999 when he established the UK's first online mortgage broker, marking the start of his commitment in helping organisations transform through digital innovation.

Now, with over 25 years in the membership sector, Ben has led digital transformation projects for many Chartered Institutes, professional bodies, trade associations, and charities. At Chrysalis Digital, he develops digital and data solutions, guiding organisations from early discovery to the deployment of technologies that provide a platform for enhanced engagement and operational efficiency.

In addition to his role at Chrysalis, Ben has served as a Non-Executive Director, steering digital strategy to align with organisational goals. His goal for every organisation Chrysalis works with is to ensure that the employees find greater satisfaction in their roles, engage in fewer mundane admin tasks, and are equipped with a digital suite of systems and tools designed for the future, leading to a more engaged membership.

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