07 May 2024

RAI Amsterdam wins praise and prestigious Best International Venue award

For the fifth time in nine years, RAI Amsterdam has been named Best International Venue at the Exhibition News Awards.

Held in Westminster’s Park Plaza on the evening of March 28, the 17th edition of these annual awards – widely seen as the Oscars of the global exhibition industry – attracted organisers from around the world to celebrate businesses that make ‘outstanding contributions’ to the sectorRAI Amsterdam was shortlisted in the Best International Venue category, where it faced stiff competition from convention centres in places as diverse as Abu Dhabi, Colorado, Bahrain and San Francisco.

Loud cheers and fine words

The bustling gala event hushed for a few seconds as the envelope was opened and a big cheer rose as RAI Amsterdam was announced winner. The reasons quoted by the Exhibition News Awards jury for their decision were equally uplifting for the RAI team present: “Green credentials excellent, great local community engagement, entry clearly shows RAI as a longstanding venue which has future proofed itself well through clever innovation. Organiser and client satisfaction in new and geo adapted events is well-presented and good advocacy.”

Meaningful experiences

RAI Amsterdam COO Maurits van der Sluis stressed how proud everyone at the RAI was to win this major award for the fifth time since 2015. “It shows that our efforts are noticed and paying off. Our goal is to help ensure international exhibition organisers make their event an enormous success while offering a truly meaningful experience to exhibitors and visitors. From gymnastics to finance, household innovations to maritime excellence, medical breakthroughs to equestrian elegance, the RAI has embraced the world's diversity in 2023, leaving an indelible mark on the memories of all who attended events there.”  

Long-term vision

Van der Sluis also explained how RAI Amsterdam is dedicated to minimising its environmental footprint while maximising the positive impact it has on business and society. “Our vision extends beyond corporate success, aiming to benefit organisers, exhibitors, visitors, employees, stakeholders and the wider Amsterdam community. Having a prime location in the famous Dutch capital, the RAI blends industrial heritage and modern design with sustainability and cutting-edge technology. This results in seamless connections and a genuine sense of collaboration.”