Enhancing Association Leadership and Expertise: AAE's New Membership & Modules

At its core, AAE Membership remains free and open to all association executives, employees, and board members, emphasizing the AAE's ethos of 'Share, Learn, & Grow'

01 May 2024

The Association of Association Executives has long been a beacon for professionals looking to enhance the effectiveness of their organization, its membership, events and services. Recognized for its inclusive, community-driven approach, the AAE has this April introduced significant enhancements to its membership, providing even more targeted support and resources for association executives. We delve into the details of the newly enhanced membership package and the specialized Experts and Leadership modules, designed to meet the diverse needs of today's association leaders.

AAE Membership: A Foundation for Growth and Connection

At its core, AAE Membership remains free and open to all association executives, employees, and board members, emphasizing the AAE's ethos of 'Share, Learn, & Grow'. This foundational membership includes an array of benefits that foster professional development and community engagement:

Membership Benefits:

  • Membership Recognition: Includes a membership badge for use in email signatures and online profiles, and a listing in the online Member Directory
  • News & Information: Members receive the bi-weekly eBulletin newsletter, access to AAE news, interviews, guest articles, feature articles, and content updates
  • Online Forums: Engage in Functional and Regional Discussion Groups to exchange ideas and best practices
  • Events: Participate in weekly online seminars and enjoy discounts on AAE events and third-party events
  • Resources: Access practical tools like checklists, task lists, and templates designed to streamline operations
  • Intelligence & Research: Get summary benchmarking reports and discounts on full reports to stay ahead of industry trends
  • Careers: View job adverts and avail yourself of discounted training to further your skills
  • Suppliers & Procurement: Utilize the Supplier Directory and view showcase videos to make informed purchasing decisions
  • Awards: Take advantage of free award nominations and discounts in subsequent entries, particularly in supplier categories

Every six months, members engage actively with the community by contributing to a survey, provide content, update their profiles, and provide input and feedback on AAE products and events.

Experts Module: Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness

For those seeking to dive deeper into enhancing their association’s operational aspects, the Experts Module offers specialized resources focused on developing membership strategies, improving service offerings, and elevating event and product quality, revenue and effectiveness. This module is designed to help executives refine their approach to association management through a range of targeted benefits:

  • Educational content: Learn great innovations and approaches in Expert Talks from advisors and association executives
  • Functional Groups: Opportunities to join all the Specialist Groups (except Leadership) for collaborative problem-solving and innovation
  • Resources: Enhanced access to case studies, expert briefings and strategic planning documents specifically designed for growth and effective delivery of services
  • Recruiting support: Advertise vacancies in your team and access sample Job Role Descriptions to help you define the responsibilities and requirements for a new hire 
Leadership Module: Advancing Executive Leadership Skills

The Leadership Module is tailored for senior executives looking to enhance their leadership capabilities. This module provides access to critical information and exclusive benefits that support effective organizational leadership:

  • Leadership Groups:Membership of this group addressing the most vital issues of leading as an executive
  • Critical information: Benchmark report analysing best practices and trends in Leadership and Governance
  • Professional development: Coaching by a professional qualified coach, supporting you to address key pain points and challenges
  • As well as all the benefits of the Experts Module
Organization Membership: Comprehensive Institutional Support

Associations can opt for an Organization Membership which offers all the benefits of Individual Membership, Experts Module for everyone in the team and the Leadership Module for the Executive Head. It comes with added recognition for the organization. This comprehensive package ensures that all employees or executives within the organization benefit from the AAE’s offerings, fostering an environment of continuous learning and improvement. Available at various staff number brackets.

Getting Started with Enhanced AAE Membership

Joining or upgrading to the enhanced AAE Membership is straightforward. Executives can simply use our guided picker at the Membership page. For those looking to immediately benefit from the advanced features, opting into the Experts or Leadership modules can be done during this process.

In conclusion, the AAE’s enhanced membership package offer a robust platform for association executives to amplify their impact within their organization and the broader community. Whether through the comprehensive benefits of the membership, the focused support of the Experts Module, or the strategic insights and executive support from the Leadership Module, the AAE remains committed to empowering professionals to lead with confidence, deliver effectively and innovate with purpose.

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