Critical Cyber Crisis Management & Mitigation

Learn how to protect your association in a cyber crisis and how to mitigate the risk of one taking place

01 Jul 2024

Don't wait until a crisis occurs before thinking of crisis management. It is like waiting until you are drowning before thinking of learning to swim.”

In the current environment of daily data breaches and cyber-attacks, this seminar will help your organisation to be prepared for a cyber crisis. You will hear live and recorded extracts from a Cyber Attack Simulation which highlights the areas that any membership organization needs to consider in order to minimize the risk of a security incident, to protect their members’, sponsors’ and partners’ data and how to prepare for, then respond to, and, of course, eventually recover from it.

You will be introduced to real life examples of what can go wrong, what has worked well, what remains uncertain when dealing with the inevitable data breach or other security incident, and what practical steps to take to mitigate risk, especially through the 3rd party chain. We will identify:

  • What decisions will need to be made by senior executives whilst under pressure and their consequences
  • How to determine priorities
  • How to recover, do’s and dont’s
  • What to do to protect your organization and your members against such attacks

This seminar is presented by The TrustBridge, which offers organizations a unique combination of expertise and independently-accredited training and education for the data privacy era. Over the past six years, they have supported many associations globally and across different sectors with advice, practical solutions and training tailored to the specific needs of associations during a cyber crisis.