AAE launches the Community Impact Wheel

Gain better member engagement with the Community Impact Wheel.

04 Jul 2024
Taking the pulse of every community member

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Community Impact Wheel, a pioneering survey tool set to transform how associations engage with and understand the needs of their members. 

The Association of Association Executives (AAE) is honoured to be the exclusive global reseller of the Community Impact Wheel. This partnership underscores our commitment to providing associations with the best tools to enhance member engagement, strategic planning, and resource allocation.

We are impressed by the huge value the Community Impact Wheel brings to associations and their members through the real-time feedback it provides. This highly focused and effective tool is remarkable, and we are proud to provide our members with the opportunity to benefit from it”, said Damian Hutt, Executive Director of the Association of Association Executives.

The Community Impact Wheel enables associations of any size to establish their members’ priorities for the association and evaluate how it has succeeded so far. The Wheel shows each member their input in the context of the broader community feedback, as well as the priorities of the board and executives. The interactivity of the tool attracts a higher proportion of responses, equipping you to make data-driven strategic decisions and allocate resources according to the community's needs.

The Wheel transforms traditional surveys from passive, one-way tools into a dynamic conversation between individual members, the community, and leadership. It helps associations understand member desires and pain points, enabling them to better care for and strengthen their community.

Story of the Community Impact Wheel

Inspired by the needs of associations and member organisations worldwide, association leader Raisa McNab developed the Community Impact Wheel. Her mission was to create a tool which addresses the unique challenges of engaging and understanding silent community members and to fill the gaps left by traditional survey tools.

Throughout its development, the tool was tested with a wide array of association members, including national, international, individual, and business member organisations globally.

We invite association leaders and executives to explore the transformative potential of the Community Impact Wheel. Join us in elevating the way you interact with your community, making it more responsive, engaging, and impactful.

Find out more information and discover how the Community Impact Wheel can boost your association’s performance and member engagement.