Why Join

Who can join

Membership is open to employees and officers of membership organisations, is contributory and free of charge.
(Associate membership is available for suppliers to associations - see special details here.)



Joining the AAE provides you the opportunity to learn, share and grow. The community involves contributing and gaining a great deal of knowledge, insight and ideas and support.

  • Benchmark within the association community
  • Learn and network at Specialist Group meetings
  • Network at tasting events online
  • Free member-only events
  • Reduced fee for other events
  • Get answers and ideas from your peers and experts in the Discussion Forums
  • Enhance your career development and prfoile by contributing as a speaker and author
  • Recruit and develop your team, with Job Vacancy adverts and example Job roles
  • Access educational videos on best practice processes and skills in the Resource Centre
  • Obtain valuable discounts to third-party events and services
  • Badge for your personal use, as an AAE member

No-fee Membership

Membership of the AAE is what we call 'contributory' and there is no charge. Members commit to contribute to the AAE and in return receive receive benefits and communications. Contribution of a small amount of time, with your advice and opinion, as well as profile information enables the AAE to focus its work and create paid-for events, education and products, as well as create a community of relevance.

Members' commitments 

Members agree to complete, every six months:

  • One research call of 10-20 minutes with a member of the AAE team
  • One standard or benchmarking survey
  • A contribution, either to the Resource Centre (eg. best practice documents, manuals, checklists, SOPs, guidelines, task lists, flowcharts, policies, Job role specifications) or by speaking or authoring
  • Update of their Personal and Organisation profile
  • Feedback on every service consumed by the member (events, articles, resource centre content, benchmarking, etc)