Share, Learn and Grow

Welcome to the AAE, a home for sharing, learning and growing yourselves and your association.

When we established the Association of Association Executives, we believed that association employees could benefit from having their own association, a community designed by them and for them. We envisaged supporting them to take care of their own development, enabling them to continue to serve their communities at the highest level. To continue to serve others well association executives need to serve themselves well, and in doing so, provide a healthy reminder to association executives of what it means to be a member of something.

The AAE is founded on three ideas:

Sharing: this is about contributing your experience to provide value to others. In doing so, recognising and celebrating your progress and achievements and those of your association. It's also about drawing on the contributions of others to take value for yourself and your association.


Learning: this is about what you get from sharing with your peers. This could be about information, that can help you to be confident that you’re making the right decision for your association and your community. Or it could be about a chance to challenge your thinking by comparing it with others ideas. Or perhaps you’re new to associations and need to learn about it. This is an invitation to learn from experience. The experiences of your peers.


Growing: this is what happens when you share and learn. It’s about your personal growth as a leader. It’s about the growth of your team. And crucially this is about the growth of your association, and ultimately about the growth of associations, in professionalism, stature and influence.


This is why we set up AAE. We hope these ideas are as exciting and full of potential as we believe they are. We look forward to serving you and helping you to get the most from your membership.