Membership & Subscriber FAQ

Quick answers about Membership & Subscription

Do I have to join or Subscribe to the AAE in order to attend an event, or buy a product or service?

Yes, you do need to Join or Subscribe to the AAE. It is a condition of attending or receiving products and services.

I've moved to another organisation - how do I change my details?

Email your new organisation, email, and position, and we will update this and invite you to update your other profile information.

How do I upgrade from Subscriber to Member?

Check you understand the commitments detailed on the Membership page, and then email with this request with acknowledgement of the commitments, and we will upgrade you as fast as we can.

What type of association is the AAE?

The AAE is a community for employees and other executives of membership organisations. Membership is individual, and does not provide voting rights.

Who runs the AAE?

The AAE and its personnel are guided by advisors, and the ultimate decisions of what and how it does is made by the Managing Director of Professional Communities Ltd, the company that manages the AAE.