Code of Conduct

Association of Association Executives members are expected to adopt the standards of dignity, fairness and integrity. The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to strengthen confidence in the integrity and professional standards of association executives. Abiding by this Code is essential for membership of the AAE.

No member shall:

  1. Act in a manner detrimental to the interests of their members or their employer
  2. Transgress any laws in the performance of their duties

Members will:

  1. Serve their association with loyalty and respect for confidentiality, avoiding conflicts of interest and activities for personal advantage to the detriment of their association or their members
  2. Bring to the attention of their associations’ governing boards potential decisions or actions that they identify as unethical or illegal, and inform their boards of the possible results of such decisions or actions
  3. Serve all members of their associations with impartiality, providing no particular benefits to any member, and accepting no personal compensation from a member without the prior knowledge and approval of their association’s governing board
  4. Ensure, to the best of their ability, that interactions between employees, suppliers, clients and volunteers are fair, free of unwarranted discrimination and harassment
  5. Engage in professional development to further their competence as association executive

In its dealings with the AAE, members will

  1. Support the AAE’s work to advance professional standards
  2. Be respectful to the AAE if it disagrees with its advice or policies, giving it the opportunity to comment, reply or change its processes, in a professional manner