Without data there is no AI -How to use AI for your association

How can you harvest AI technology for your operations and strategy?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is part of our daily lives, professional activities with opening up new ways to work and collaborate. However, the use of AI in associations is still rather limited to task automation, data analysis, and copywriting. In this seminar, we introduce new ways in which AI can add value to your associations by focusing on data-driven decision-making in different aspects of association management. 

AI data analytics can help an association lower cost, reduce errors, improve accuracy, and define future plans and priorities. When used correctly for data-driven decision-making AI analytics is a game changer but this rapidly evolving landscape can feel more than a little overwhelming. In this session we are joined by Andrew Chamberlain, Managing Director, Elevated, who will explore the impact of data-driven AI analytics and how it can realise an association’s operational and strategic development.

Topics we’ll cover in this session:

  • The opportunities and benefits of AI
  • The different types of AI and AI analytics (and why it matters)
  • Addressing AI bias
  • The use of AI in strategic planning
  • Recommended AI tools


12:00 - Introduction
12:05 - Presentation
12:35 - Questions & Answers
12:55 - Close


Andrew Chamberlain

Andrew Chamberlain

Managing Director, Elevated

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