We have a Board of Directors – now what?

How to work efficiently with your Board of Directors

As the Board of Directors is the main governing body of your association, a high functioning, engaged and informed Board of Directors is key for long-term success. Regardless of the size of your association, defining the guiding principles of how to work with your Board or finding balance between involving them and avoiding micromanagement can be a challenge. 

In this seminar we will identify and discuss best practices for managing your Board of Directors for the growth and stability of your nonprofit. Sherma Malan, the Executive Director at the Institute of Directors in South Africa will share her knowledge on setting up and effectively working with Boards. She has a passion for developing people and her objective is to contribute towards service excellence, driving good corporate governance and making a valuable contribution towards the organisations she is involved in.

She will share her experience with focus on:

  • Why consider a Board of Directors for your association,
  • Differences and benefits of different Board structure,
  • What is important to take note of when establishing a Board of Directors,
  • How to manage the expectations of the Board,
  • How to ensure the Board stays focused on strategy and out of operations.


12:00 - Introduction
12:05 - Presentation
12:35 - Questions & Answers
12:55 - Close


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Sherma Malan

Sherma Malan

Executive Director, Certification and Member Services, Institute of Directors in South Africa

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