Reacting to megatrends as an association: Strategic Integration of Sustainability and Digitalization

Learn how megatrends impact your association strategy

Megatrends are complex change dynamics shaping our society, carrying massive consequences for all organizations in the medium term. Associations often need to establish their position as sector leaders providing examples for their industry or field. It is essential for organizations to look at the megatrends influencing the world and find a way to react or engage with them in order to remain relevant.

This seminar will explore how to identify and integrate the decisive megatrends into an actionable organizational strategy through the case study of Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBA).  We will delve into how the LBA has strategically responded to megatrends reshaping the banking sector by forging a path that embraces both sustainability and technological advancement. Simon Tribelhorn, Managing Director of LBA will present the strategic planning process, how it operationalizes these strategies into practical actions, and conclude with a few tangible use cases that demonstrate the impact of these initiatives. He will provide insights into how these transformative strategies are being implemented to shape the future of the sector while exploring how associations can remain relevant and competitive.

We will address:

  • The identification of megatrends: Overview of the key trends including sustainability and digitalization
  • Strategic Development: How these trends have shaped the strategy of the members
  • Operationalizing the Strategy: fields of action and measures taken to translate the strategy into action
  • Learnings from use cases from the implementation strategy


12:00 - Introduction
12:05 - Presentation
12:35 - Questions & Answers
12:55 - Close


Simon Tribelhorn

Simon Tribelhorn

Managing Director, Liechtenstein Bankers Association

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