Tender Support

Would you like your request for proposal / tender to be distributed to association suppliers?

The benefits to associations are:

  • Distribution is to suitable suppliers with good reputation
  • Suppliers adhere to AAE Tendering Standards of behaviour
  • Gain advice on Scoping, Preparing an RFP and commissioning services

Contact Sarah Stutt, Manager at sarah.stutt@associationexecutives.org

Tendering Standards of Behaviour

All suppliers who wish to receive tender announcements and associations that wish to use this service agree to behave in accordance with these standards at all times.

Honesty and fairness

Parties will conduct all procurement and business relationships with honesty and fairness and avoid any practice which gives one party an improper advantage over another.

Accountability and transparency

The process for awarding contracts will be open, clear and defensible and all parties must not engage in collusion, hidden commissions and other anti-competitive behaviour.

No conflict of interest

A party with a conflict of interest will declare and address that interest as soon as the conflict is known to that party.

Rule of law

Parties will comply with all their legal obligations.

Anti-competitive practices

Parties shall not engage in practices that are anti-competitive.

Intention to proceed

Parties should not seek or submit tenders without a firm intention and capacity to proceed with a contract.


Parties will maintain business relationships based on open and effective communication, respect and trust, and adopt a non-adversarial approach to dispute resolution.

Last updated: 3 June 2020