Supplier Membership

Suppliers may become 'Association Success Members" of the AAE.  These suppliers make substantial contribution to the success of associations, their products, services and events.  

Suppliers who apply to join are verified by AAE with three of their association customers to confirm that they provided professional support and contributed to the association's success.  

This membership provides recognition, promotion and engagement with the AAE association community. Learning about association needs and challenges in the seminars and online forums keeps you aware of how you can provide solutions and best position your services to support them.

Suppliers are verified by the AAE with recent customers to affirm the expertise and quality of service. See below for more details.

Membership benefits include:

  • Association Success Member
  • Use of "Association Success Member" badge on your website, emails and other materials
  • 12-month entry in the Supplier Directory
  • Your "Association Success Member" badge against Supplier Directory entry
  • Announcement of membership to the AAE Community
  • Two Business Partner Updates to the AAE Community per year
  • Engage in discussion at the Discussion Forums
  • Engage in discussion and Q&A at the Online Seminars
  • Access the Resource Centre (knowledge bank) content and discussion forums for each entry
  • Nominate your clients for award categories with no fee
Event attendance
  • Attend most AAE Seminar events
  • 5% discount on any promotional activities contracted and delivered in your current membership period, contracted in the first six months of the twelve month period
Association Success Membership   Price   Purchase Now
12 months, including 2 staff access            950.00  
Joining Fee 0.00    
Additional staff 250.00    

Prices are in GBP and subject to VAT at 20%.

Verification of Suppliers

Verification involves suppliers providing a minimum of three projects and client information to AAE, which they will verify with the clients, requesting responses to the following questions:

  • Is the service as described by the supplier correct, and if not, what adjustments would you make
  • Was the service professional?  (1-5)
  • How good were the they at communicating?  (1-5)
  • How flexible were they?  (1-5)
  • How good where they with delivering what was agreed? (1-5)
  • How strongly do you agree with the statement, that the supplier made a contribution to the success of your association / project?
  • How likely would you be to recommend them? (0-10)