Supplier Membership of AAE

Associate membership by a supplier demonstrates its commitment to the success of associations. It is a strategic partnership with the community to support their education, information and networking.

Association membership provides engagement with the AAE association community, keeps you updated and aware of their needs and challenges of associations so you can best position your services to support them, and provides leads.

Membership benefits include:

  • Associate Membership
  • Use of "Associate Member" badge on your website, emails and other materials
  • Entry into the Associate Member directory
  • Entry into the Supplier Directory at "Advanced" level (more here)
  • Announcement of membership to the AAE Community
  • Dedicated Announcements with link to your target segment of association executives, according to various criteria, which could include: member geography, location, job role and sector, for a one month period during your 12 month membership
  • Present a Showcase* with discussion, during one of the Association Congresses
  • Present a Showcase* with discussion online live to AAE members
  • Present a Webinar with Q&A to AAE Members, with educational content (or sponsor a third-party speaker organised by yourself to present)
AAE Website

Access to the AAE website, to:

  • Contribute to the Discussion Forum
  • Access the Resource Centre (knowledge bank)
  • Nominate your clients for award categories, and be referenced when they are shortlisted or win
  • Include your Organisation name, logo and link, in Success Stories from your client's projects
  • Attend AAE webinars online (that are not presented by a competitor)+ 
  • 10% discount on any promotional activities contracted and delivered in your current membership period
Data Privacy

Association data is not provided to suppliers, except at events where all participants receive a basic registrant list. If you are presenting a show case or webinar, delegates details are provided to you for your follow up (unless delegates opt out).

* Showcases are live presentations introducing or updating on your service or new best practices relating to your service. They either take place during and event (physical or online), or stand-alone online on a Friday lunchtime.

Associate Membership   Price
Joining fee for memberships starting in 2020 0.00
Associate Membership, including 2 staff access 3,200.00
Additional staff 250.00
Membership starts at the time of acceptance of the contract online, and lasts for 12 months.  

Prices are in GBP