Sponsor the AAE

AAE provides support to association executives all-year around through its website including the highly valued Resource Centre, its online discussion, and online webinars, conferences & training.  For association executives, the community is about Sharing, Learning and Growing. Sponsorship provides you with continuous brand awareness over the year with multiple engagement activities.

Your sponsorship provides extensive promotion and engagement with the AAE community.

Sponsorship package

Elements, for each 12 month period Sponsor Strategic
Logo on home page in "Our Sponsors" rotator  2nd/3rd set 1st set 
Entry on the AAE Sponsors page, linked to dedicated profile page
Supplier Directory Entry, with a sponsor badge against your entry Standard Enhanced
Dedicated organisation profile page
Logo and link in all eBulletin newsletters (every 2 weeks) Small Large
Sponsor status on all AAE Staff and organisation emails  
Announcement of the sponsorship
in eBulletin, Association News on website, social media and press release
Partner Updates, announcing new service / product developments, either with text or video
in eBulletin, Partner News on website and social media (in addition to any in a membership package)
x 4 x 8
Advertisements in eBulletin newsletter x 4 x 12
Best Practice advice articles to be published in the Resource Centre
in eBulletin, Resource Centre and social media  
x 2 x 6
Success Stories created by AAE for successful projects of the sponsor's clients (in the AAE's special format)
in eBulletin, Resource Centre and social media  
x 2 x 4
Video interview of sponsor key executive
in eBulletin, Resource Centre and social media  
x 1 x 2
Sponsor & speak (educational content) at aSeminar (alongside 1-2 other associations, and speak on the panel x 2 x 3
Present a showcase (demo / presentation of services)   x 1
Price Sponsor Strategic Sponsor
12 months 6 500 12 000

Prices are in GBP and subject to VAT.
Sponsorship is open only to Business Partner Members.