Sponsor an Online Seminar

AAE's Online Seminars are ideal to promote your service, engage with association buyers and influences, and gain leads. By sponsoring you gain market presence and raise your profile. By speaking, you demonstrate your expertise that provides successful outcomes for your current association clients. In the Q&A you engage with association delegates about their challenges. With the leads data you get to contact association buyers/influencers directly and can provide them more information on your successes with association and set up calls with them. By providing us with questions for the registration form, you can get an understanding of who are the best leads / who needs your services and they scope of their needs.

Suppliers may work with our producer to create a seminar from the beginning with one of their own clients speaking, or may sponsor an existing scheduled event where AAE has decided the topic and has already selected speakers. AAE will also develop a series of seminars with sponsors.

Seminar standard format
  • Introduction by AAE
  • Two association executives speaking about their projects and experiences
  • Sponsor speaking about the issues and how they supported their clients
  • Q&A Panel for 30-40 minutes
  • Each seminar starts at 11:00hrs UK time, and last for 1hr 45 mins
Who attends
  • Association, Society and Federation employees and executives
  • Open to Members of AAE at no cost (membership is without a fee, and requires attendance at booked events)
  • Usually 20 - 35 delegates, depending on the topic and presenters
Seminar Schedule

This schedule applies from October 2022 onwards, and will vary around Easter and in July during the Associations World Congress, and August and in the Christmas break.

Topic area Number per four week period
Leadership & Governance 2
Conferences & Events 2
Membership & Communities 1
Marketing & Communications 1
Professional Development & Education 1
Publishing & Information 1


Seminar Sponsor Package
  • Speaking for up to 20 minutes at the Seminar
  • Promotion of the Sponsor in marketing emails to AAE community
  • Sponsor branding on the event web page, with direct link to Sponsor's website
  • Opportunity to propose up to three short questions for delegates to answer on booking
  • Social media promotion of your sponsorship of the seminar
  • Branding on the opening and panel slides during the event
  • List of delegates in advance (Name, title, organisation)
  • Contact details of those delegates who do not opt out of receiving follow-up information (Name,title, organisation, email)
  • Short 1 minute welcome to delegates at opening of the event by you
  • Your presentation will be recorded and included, with a link to your website, in the AAE Resource Centre
  • Your presentation included in one eBulletin newsletter and one Business Partner Update email
  • Your contact details included in the post-event follow up email
Number Price
One Seminar 950 each
Series of 3 within a 12 month period 850 each

Prices are per event, with all contracted at the same time, and are in GBP, and maybe subject to VAT and change.

Interested in sponsoring? 

Provide us with the information below, according to which you are interested in.

A seminar with your own clients:

  • Suggested topic and maybe title
  • Who your prospect speaker association clients would be
  • What your organisation would speak about
  • What challenge the the seminar would solve
  • Who you wish to target in which type of associations

One of our scheduled seminars or one we create but not yet published:

  • What your organisation would speak about
  • What challenge the the seminar would solve
  • Who you wish to tarhet in which types of associations
  • The month that you would like to sponsor

To ensure the quality of the events, the following guidelines are adopted

  • The case studies and sponsor presentation needs to address issues of the decision makers & buyers the sponsor is interested in meeting
  • The content of the webinar is be educational and independent, and have stated 'learnings' for delegates
  • No promotion is allowed at the start of your presentation, by way of client lists etc. The chair will introduce you, and you can provide them suggested text for this.
  • AAE retains the right to require changes to content
  • Attendance is greater when the sponsor speaker is not in a sales / marketing role and so other roles should speak
  • Seminar sponsorship should be contracted no less than 12 weeks prior
  • Programme content should be finalised by 10 weeks prior
  • Promotion will start from 10-8 weeks prior to the seminar
Requirements of sponsor

Within 5 working days of contracting

  • Introduce the speakers to the AAE producer, and provide their contact telephone numbers
  • Introduce / confirm the speaker for the sponsor with their contact details and speaker profile info
  • Provide logo text, contact details and profile information for the branding and promotion of the sponsor

Once the website is published

  • Review the website and confirm details are in order
  • Promote the seminar on social media, in email footers and on the sponsor website
Requirements of Speakers

Each speaker should provide our producer at the first stage:

  • Presentation Title (60 characters max)
  • Two paragraphs introducing the presentation
  • One paragraph on the speaker and the experience the speaker has that makes them authoritative on this topic (not a bio)
  • 4-6 bullets detailing what will be covered in the presentation
  • Speaker photo (square and business style) or we by detault will use your LinkedIn photo

Prior to the seminar:

  • 7 days prior: Presenters need to submit their presentation slides, with key talking points for each slide in the notes, for review by the AAE host who may suggest additions and amendments
  • Monday afternoon prior: If required, preparation test for 10 minutes to ensure that the slides show correctly
  • 20 minutes prior to the start of the event: Join and re-check display, and answering any final questions

After the seminar:

  • Next day: Sponsor to send follow-up information to delegates who provided their details, and provide this to AAE