Online Social Events

Stay in touch, maintain your profile and engage with with association executives, by sponsoring an Online Members' Social Event & Discussion, with Beer or other relevant drink or food.

The online social events are enjoyable and fun, much-needed in the current times. This successful format involves up to 20 delegates, each being sent the drink or food with preparation instructions in advance by a professional merchant. The tasting itself takes place at 5pm on the chosen day on Zoom, with a welcome from AAE and the Sponsor, with the the tasting by an expert.

Our wine expert Caspar Bowes, is experienced in giving online wine tastings, making them fun and informative. He has thirty years of experience in advising for drinking, laying down in private cellars and investment, throughout the world. His expertise covers wines from throughout Europe, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Australia as well as Bulgaria, Romania and Greece.


Member's Tasting Sponsorship

  • Choice of drink or food from a region and our merchants' ranges with recommendations
  • Choice of audience to be invited (eg. International, European, National)
  • Logo, link and profile on the email invitations
  • Logo on advertisements in the eBulletin
  • Logo, link and profile on the tasting event website page
  • Promotional flyer sent with the food ' drink to the guests
  • Welcome to guests at the start of the tasting, with an update on your service
  • Engage with the guests during the event
  • Sponsor may invite its contacts to register (subject to them joining AAE, which has no fee)
  • Email addresses of delegates (that don't unsubscribe)
  Delegates in  
Number UK Mainland
Drink / food organised
by sponsor
One tasting 1,150 1,350 900
Series of 2 tastings 1,050 1,250 800
Series of 4 tastings 950 1,150 700

Prices are per tasting, with all contracted at the same time, and in GBP.

Example Schedule

The schedule of the event would be as follows:
16:45 - Speakers & Sponsors logon for final briefing
17:00 - 17:02 - Welcome  from Facilitator
17:03 - 17:07 - Welcome from Sponsor
17:07 - Intro of the tasting speaker
17:07 - Talk & tasting by a single speaker
17:25 - Questions about the food ' drink from delegates
17:29 - Closing up of the tasting section
17:30 - Facilitator leads discussion of 2-3 topics as per audience’s key issues, bringing in Sponsor on each topic.
18:00 - Formal part of discussion to end, and discussion continue for 15 - 20 minutes if delegate wish, until 18:15/20


  • Only one speaker is suitable as the very short time necessarily allowed is quite short
  • If you are inviting your own speaker, be sure the speaker knows that they will have only 18 minutes do the tasting and talk plus questions for an additional 4 minutes
  • The way the Q&A works is that the facilitator asks each of the delegates what issues they want to discuss, and then closer to the day the facilitator groups them in a core 2-3 topics and notes who to call on to discuss & join each topic. For each topic the sponsor will be brought in to the discussion in a pre-agreed way