Eyeing up podcasts but too timid to take the plunge?

Published on 21 October 2019

Have you flirted with the idea of launching a regular podcast for your association but quailed at the thought of committing to it?

What is putting you off? Buying the recording gear? Teaching yourself how to audio edit? Worrying whether you will cut the mustard as a podcast interviewer?

Fair enough. There is a different skill set involved but there is plenty of help available online and from experts to smooth your path towards making podcasting a reality.

To start with, there’s no need to construct a studio in your offices – a quiet carpeted room will probably do the job - and recording equipment doesn’t have to cost a fortune. A well-planned podcast where fellow experts chat in an informal setting does not require the interrogation skills of a Jeremy Paxman or an Emma Barnet.

You certainly do not need thousands of devoted followers to make it worth your while. A few hundred people who are interested in your niche is what you should be aiming for. You will soon grow a following of devoted fans because your podcast will give them such great value for investing so little of their own time.

What about your time investment in making it happen? Too busy? A podcast maker can help you do everything from planning podcast rundowns, to providing recording gear, to editing the raw audio to make it sound professional.

Why not encourage your association team to learn podcast making skills? There are plenty of courses you can book. Involving your association team is a clever employee-engagement exercise. Podcasting is fun, it creates a buzz and it gets imaginations soaring about how best to present your association to your

Serena is speaking on association podcasting at the Associations UK Congress, 16 & 17 December 2019.


Serena Gay
Serena Gay

CEO and Founder, Made4UPodcasts

Serena Gay is a BBC-trained broadcast journalist with many years’ experience in the industry in the UK and abroad. The company she founded, Made4U Podcasts, produces intelligent, well-crafted podcasts assisting associations target their ideal listeners. She also provides podcast training courses, social media marketing for podcasts expertise, distribution and sponsorship deals advice.