Boosting online conversion with confidence

Published on 1 May 2020

What is CRO?

CRO is commonly used to describe the process of optimising your site to increase the likelihood of visitors completing certain “defined actions”; conversions. Depending on your business aims, a conversion could be to make a purchase, download a report or watch a video.

By tracking your conversions, you can put your website’s performance into context. How does the number of website visitors relate to the number of conversions? Which funnels are the most effective and which ones need to be developed.

Tools like Google Analytics or heat maps can help to generate valuable insights and highlight areas of success as well as improvement.

Why does it matter?

Your conversion rate is an important indicator to understand your website’s performance. Your marketing and digital expenditure needs to deliver your objectives cost effectively.

At Pixl8, we like to work along the ‘Know, Feel, Do’ model to explore the factors that impact our clients’ conversion rates. This puts three central question into consideration:

  • Know: What do you want your users to know?
  • Feel: Why is it important to them?
  • Do: What do you want them to do?

If you can confidently answer these questions, and if your website aligns with your answers, you’re on the right track. Mastering this approach will help you to resonate with your users to make your cause stick in their minds.

Valuing the details

You’re likely already reporting on ‘big-hitting’, transactional actions like purchases or event sign-ups. Those higher value conversions are often cyclical or campaign-driven and only allow for a very top-level assessment of performance.

Splitting actions into ‘macro’ and ‘micro’ conversions allows for a wider set of engagement metrics. This will help you to identify funnels that convert particularly well, and to apply this knowledge by improving others.

What’s more, you can use the new information to profile your audience segments and develop a more personalised approach to content delivery.

Confident steps forward

Conversion rate optimisation is a process that goes hand in hand with continuous testing, monitoring and reviewing. As you walk along the path of experimentation, it’s important to remember that trial and error is an incredibly important part of the learning curve.

As we see an increasing amount of online engagement following the UK’s lockdown, this is an ideal time to start using that extra-traffic to test out your ideas. If you have an idea in mind but you’re unsure where to start; do get in touch. We’d love to explore the world of conversion with you.


Jonathan McLellan
Jonathan McLellan

Digital Consultant, Pixl8 Group

Jonathan is a Digital Consultant at Pixl8 Group. He’s responsible for managing website projects from concept gathering to go-live. This is Jonny’s second stint at Pixl8, having spent 5 years with us previously as our Account and Marketing Manager. During his ‘sabbatical’ he managed digital marketing at the Advertising Standards Authority, and worked at various large digital agencies in Australia.