Why Benchmark

To be as successful as possible we must examine not only our own performance, but we must also compare our data points with those of other similar membership organisations. In other words, we must benchmark ourselves.

Benchmarking is a vital tool that helps you understand where you sit compared to your fellow associations and competitors and provides reliable information to help you evaluate your position. It provides you with reliable, accurate, up-to-date information with which to make informed decisions about your association.

We know that effective benchmarking requires substantial and accurate data and we are confident that our community, who have been sharing best practice and experiences since the beginning, contribute to help bring you the best possible tools to benefit from effective benchmarking.


UK Salaries & Benefits Benchmarking Project

The UK Association Salary and Benefits Benchmarking Tool enables you to benchmark your staff salaries, their benefits and your own using the online interactive AAE Benchmark tool. No more endless static reports! You draw up your own criteria and select your own filters. You can select by job role and multiple criteria so that you can make meaningful comparisons against other organisations similar to yours or different.

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Association Benchmarking Project

The Association Benchmarking project is a commitment to increasing the support offered association executives and their organisations. It is designed to unlock new aspects of benchmarking and illustrate how it can be a valuable tool for associations.

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