Association Benchmarking Project

The Association Benchmarking project is part of our commitment to increasing the support we offer association executives and their organisations.  This project is designed to unlock new aspects of benchmarking and illustrate how it can be a valuable tool for associations. 

Benchmarking can help compare overall performance as well as provide more detailed insight into associations. However, the standard approach to benchmarking does not always meet the needs of participating associations, meaning the data can be of limited value and we are left asking ourselves ‘so what?’ 

Andy Burman, Consultant, SEBCO Consulting

Andy Burman, Director of SEBCO Consulting and CEO of the British Dietetic Association, has successfully used benchmarking to support strategic decision-making.  We have teamed up with SEBCO to bring you a benchmarking project that will change your thinking around this familiar tool and put the power back in to the hands of the decision-makers rather than the stats. 

What does the project involve?

The project involves the association community contributing by advising which areas they want to benchmark, then what data is most useful to them and how that data is best presented to enable them to make key management decisions.

We invite heads of associations to take part in a benchmarking project which will challenge the traditional way associations conduct benchmarking activities, and turn the usual benchmarking approach on its head.

  • This project will be led by association leaders: enabling them to influence the data being collected and help to create outcomes which will add real value
  • The value of the programme will be extended with the opportunity for you to interrogate data specific to your association
  • A route to create association-specific analysis and business development plans will be available to all AAE members from: AAE, SEBCO and other trusted advisers
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