How the International Society of Endocrinology developed an online education platform with free, accredited resources for its members

Published on 8 May 2023

With the biennial International Congress of Endocrinology being the main and only educational event ISE organised for its members on the one hand, and ISE's positioning as a society in an evolving global landscape on the other, the leadership in the organisation took the opportunity to redefine its positioning and focus, both in the sector and in relation to its members.

To do this, ISE conducted two needs assessment surveys with its member societies and contacts from their database, which helped to understand the issues around endocrinology education and how the organisation could fill these needs. Through the same surveys, ISE identified the main topics with unmet needs in continuing medical education, as well as effective learning formats for healthcare professionals.

Based on the results, ISE set out to create an accredited, high-quality, needs-based continuing medical education platform, incorporating bespoke, KOL-developed education materials and accredited self-learning resources and tools, event content and member materials all in the span of two years. 

Through this Association Success Story, ISE describes the process it underwent to create the ISE Global Education Hub, starting with the assessment that helped identify the need for continuing medical education, to planning the content and its delivery.. The success story also includes the challenges ISE faced along the way, advice for other associations who are considering providing online education to their members, along with supporting documents and templates. 

ISE won the Award for the Best eLearning/Online Education in 2021, at the AAE International & European Association Awards. The judges said: “ISE succeeded in excellent reach and content, and all funded by grants. An amazing job creating its first e-learning platform from scratch. This project is well thought through, comprehensive and focused on the different elements and components to take into consideration when designing the educational activities of an association.

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Anca Urdea
Anca Urdea

Awards & Success Story Manager, Association of Association Executives

Anca has been with AAE since 2011, and manages the Association Awards programme of three Awards per year internationally, and she produces Association Success story case studies for our Resource Centre.
Anca has a BA in Sociology, and an MA from the University of Greenwhich. She is a certified Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a Certified Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy and a Certified Master Hypnotist.