How do you create the best seating plan in the least time?

Published on 6 January 2023

Who you sit next to at an event will probably be remembered long after you have forgotten about the decor or the food. But seating planning is often regarded as one of the worst jobs. This is hardly surprising when you consider that there are more ways to arrange 60 guests in 60 seats than there are atoms in the universe.  Post-it notes and Excel just aren't up to the job.

Enter PerfectTablePlan

Thankfully there is an app for everything, and the app for creating seating plans is PerfectTablePlan.

PerfectTablePlan can:

  • Import and manage your guest list
  • Create a scale floor plan
  • Assign seats automatically based on guest preference or manually via drag and drop
  • Print plans, charts, place cards and reports
  • Handle thousands of guests seated at tables or in theatre style seating
Try it now

Download a free trial from our website You don't even have to give us your details.

For all budgets

All this for a one-time licence fee (not a subscription). Home, Advanced and Professional editions are available to suit all requirements and budgets.

PerfectTablePlan has been used by thousands of organisations and individuals worldwide to create event seating plans for millions of guest since 2005