Community Impact Wheel

Increase engagement and lead with better data through immediate interaction with your community.

Engage your community with better data

All communities, including associations, have two overarching challenges: how to engage the community’s members and strengthen their commitment, and how to measure the impact of the community’s strategy, objectives, and activities.

Community Impact Wheel

The Community Impact Wheel™

The Community Impact Wheel is an impact survey tool that helps you to increase engagement with your community, and to lead with better data through immediate interaction with the community.

Put your people at the front and centre of their own journey, and show them how they fit into the bigger picture as valued members of your community. Foster commitment through building a sense of belonging and of agency.

Make visible the views and values of the silent majority, and increase transparency and accountability across the community. Understand what your community really thinks, and make use of the data to make the right, smart, strategic decisions.

Community Impact Wheel

Three-dimensional co-creation of value

The Community Impact Wheel moves beyond the functionality of traditional survey and engagement tools, converting a survey journey into three-dimensional co-creation of value, relevance, agency, and commitment.

It places your community’s members at the heart of your association's decision-making, and makes visible the interplay between the views and experiences of the individual members, the membership as a whole, and the association’s strategy, objectives, and wider impact.

The Community Impact Wheel focuses on what matters the most: priorities & performance, transparency & accountability, strategy & impact.

What people say

"I think the Community Impact Wheel is great. I have had really positive responses from those I have show it to. The real-time feedback is very popular with the younger members of the society."

“We have both an immediate need for a survey tool for a small cohort and a longer-term requirement, and are considering integrating the Community Impact Wheel as a companion to SurveyMonkey where we run our larger annual membership surveys.”

“The Community Impact Wheel really helped to elevate the quality of conversation at our Council Workshop, revealing areas we had not previously clearly seen, and sparking discussions that we had not had before.”

“I look forward to using the tool! This will be so useful to use when we poll our members so they can see their priorities in comparison to the rest of the federation!”

"We are in the middle of large-scale restructuring of our membership engagement activities and are looking for technologies to support us with that. Our challenge is to engage a very large number of people all over the world, but I can see that our membership would like the way the Community Impact Wheel works.”