Your Programme

Your association's programme of training and personal coaching designed to grow the skills and confidence of your people to have conversations that create growth.

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Each association will have a unique programme developed out of standard elements tailored for them, as well as uniquely created elements.

  • The Training equips your people with the ideas and skills for better conversations
  • The Coaching supports your people to put their learning into action

The result will be more progress and growth for your association as a result of better conversations.

Training Sessions

A selection of training sessions that may make up part of your programme alongside new unique content.

Group Orientated Conversations: tapping into the talent in the room

  • Chairing Meetings: Becoming an effective Chair by managing people and processes
  • Team Communication: Bringing your best, and bringing out the best in others

Performance Orientated Conversations: sharing ideas to capture hearts and minds

  • Presentations: Engaging and inspiring when presenting to small groups
  • Speaking: Becoming an ambassador for your organisation on a bigger stage

Movement Orientated Conversations: bringing others along with you

  • Influencing and Motivating: Influencing others with integrity and authenticity
  • Challenging Conversations: Finding your way with words, when what you say matters
  • Selling: The abilities and approaches that sell big ticket items

Growth Orientated Conversations: supporting people to reach their full potential

  • Coaching: Coaching others to tap into their hidden resources and reach their full potential.
  • Mentoring: Bringing valuable experience to the service of others and supporting their growth

Supports your people to put their learning into action. Coaching is the catalyst for Changing Conversations. It is a partnership that supports your people to take their learning from the training workshops out into the world. Coaching is a focussed, goal orientated process that enables your people to make sense of what they’ve learned in the training and turn it into action in the real world.

The coaching will be provided by John Scarrott, a trained and accredited coach, working to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) definition of coaching, code of ethics and coaching competencies. The ICF is recognised as the global association representing and upholding standards and codes of practice for coaching and coaches.

John will create a partnership with each of the people on the programme, through which a thought-provoking and creative series of conversations will take place that inspires your people to maximise their personal and professional potential.

Each Coaching Programme has the following features:

  • Goal orientated: identifies and works on the area identified as having the biggest impact
  • Practical and Connected: between sessions the Coachee will be invited to design and then work on an experiment to take their learning forward
  • Clear and focussed: a Set-Up meeting, the sessions and the Completion meeting will all be diarised before work begins
  • Supported and Personalised: Coachees are supported to identify what they want to work on and choose how they want to work on it and where they’ll go next.
  • Structured and shaped: Coachees receive a Set Up questionnaire and Completion Questionnaire to support them to come to the sessions ready to work and to continue to make the most of them after they are completed.
  • Convenient and Organised: All conversations take place over Zoom and all calls and invites are agreed with the Coachee and set up by the Coach.

Each coaching programme has a beginning, a middle and an end and contains: a set up call: a discussion of coaching, the goals and support required to reach the goals; a series of conversations: goal orientated with experiments between (3 or 6 sessions); a completion call: a review of progress and next steps for the coachee

Share the journey you’re trying to make and take a step towards changing your conversations. 
To arrange an informal 45-minute conversation with John to explore the conversations in your organisation, drop him an email to