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Introducing the programme partner, trainer and coach, John Scarrott

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John Scarrot Portrait Photo

John Scarrott, our programme partner, is the creator of the Change your Conversations programme. He is an Accredited Coach and Communication Skills Trainer and an Associations specialist. Prior to starting his practice, John worked as a Membership Director at an Association for seven years. He began speaking and working with Association professionals in 2014. Since then, he has supported well over 1000 Association professionals as a speaker, trainer and coach in the field of conversations.  

Change is Achieved through Conversations

John believes the key to the continued success and growth of an Association, Institute or Professional Body is to be found in their ability to create conversations that lead to progress. This enables them to strengthen and make the most of their position at the heart of the communities they serve. He supports them to get there through better conversations, and that’s the mission for this programme.

Professionalism, Experience and Personal Style

John brings the following qualities to his work


  • Qualified: He is an International Coaching Federation, PCC Credentialed Coach. The ICF is the global association representing and setting the standards for coaching excellence
  • Trained: He has been trained to Coach to the ICF’s competencies for what makes effective coaching. He works to their definition of coaching, their code of ethics and coaching competency framework
  • Walks the talk: John is a constant learner. He maintains his CPD in line with the ICF requirements by attending events and training to grow his expertise.


John’s professional experience includes:

  • Design and delivery of over 500 hours of coaching to over 100 individuals  
  • A range of experience spanning one-to-one and in small groups
  • Serving a breadth of people from business heads to function leads and newly promoted
  • Training over 1000 individuals working with them in group workshops
  • Experience of working with groups in the UK, Europe, India and Australia.
  • A broad array of associations, federations, societies and institutes representing varied sectors

Personal Style

Whether Coaching or Training, John begins by establishing a rapport with his clients which leads to a partnership, based on trust. From this place you are able to do your best work together, the aim being a thought-provoking and creative conversation that uncovers what is meaningful to you about what you want to work on, designing a plan to do that work, and supporting you to reach your goal.

Training and Coaching: Focus, Space to Think and Action Orientated

Prior to a training session the delegates receive information on the session, framing the topic to make it relevant to them, along with some questions to get them thinking about their goals.

During the training session, John's approach is to create the right balance between information delivery and leaving space for delegates to think, share and process. This balance allows the attendees to make their own sense of what they are hearing and turn it into learning and action.

At the end of the sessions, there is space for delegates to reflect and develop their action plan. This supports them to take their learning and let it live and grow in the real world, to enable them to make an impact with what they take away and grow in the process.

Results: Feedback on Training

Training has the potential to open up the possibility for new skills and actions outside of the training session. Here are some words from people I have worked with:

“The sessions were full of useful and practical content”

“Worked well despite being virtual”

“Learnt a lot about me”

“Format is good with regular pauses to discuss points”

“Lots of practical tips”

“Reminded me of things I’d forgotten”.


Prior to a coaching engagement the coachee will receive information on coaching along with questions to support them with how they want to use the sessions. Unlike in Training, it is up to the Coachee, in discussion with their organisation to decide what they want to get from the process, and how they can best get there.

In coaching, the relationship is key. John's coachees describe their experience of him as a coach as: 

"Patient....Approachable.... Honest......Non-judgemental......Calm......Warm and funny....... Thoughtful....Empathetic and Objective....Considerate.... Great Listener....Challenges from a neutral standpoint....and Insightful.”

Results Feedback on Coaching

Coaching has the potential to create amazing progress, to turn new ideas into learning and from there into action. Here are some words from people John has worked with:

“John is absolutely fantastic.  His coaching sessions were transformative.  I cannot thank you enough for arranging these.  It has been a truly remarkable experience for me.  I would thoroughly recommend him as a coach.”

“I have a better understanding of what I need to be productive in my work and volunteer role”

“I feel more confident and more worthy of my own advice. Thank you and I hope we get to work together again in the future.”