Adding Value for Members

Offerings and partnerships you can provide your membership to add value to your association, and make them more successful.

Enhancing the value of membership is desirable and often critical, so AAE works to identify organisations providing services that can help you do this. These are different from normal suppliers in that these organisations specifically provide a service that is provided to your members through your association.

Review these below, click through for more information, and then to get in contact with the person at the organisation, register and login. 

Tender information service

GoodTenders, a leading provider of global tenders information, provides daily updated information on tenders globally to suppliers, through associations (as well as directly to companies), to enable them to identtify business to bid for.  This information is supplemented by news and european contract awards. GoodTenders consolidates information from all around the world, classifies and maps the data through CPV codes, keywords and sectors using their proprietary system for reliable data.



YBA PPC specialise in supporting members of trade associations in the UK, where their services are provided locally. Their service is to boost business through Pay-per-Click advertising. This service has been exceptionally successful for multiple associations including AAE members in the self-storage and removals sectors.