About the Resource Centre

Advice on what is in the Resource Centre, and how best to use it.

There are many and varied resources in the AAE Resource Centre, and these include:

Video Talks

Over 500 videos of Talks from AAE events, recorded with slides and audio

Success Stories

Over 80, in-depth case studies, of successful projects, including what the challenges were for the organisation, research into what was needed, objectives and targets, specifications, tasks undertaken, technology & systems used, partners that supported the project, details of the results, the success, feedback, and importantly what the project team would do differently with their expeirence.

Expert Briefings

Advice on many different aspects of services, products and events, that keep you up-to-date on the best approaches, processes and standards, written by consultants to associations and trusted business partners of associations.

Video Interviews

Interviews of executive heads of associations, other senior executives and association experts, on their challenges and activities. Most of the interviews are non-sector-specific but may include short sections of some aspects of interest to associated sector associations.


In-depth articles examining areas of challenge and importance, reviewing association's projects and activities and new developmends in their organisation.