26 Jan 2021

International CEO Group Meeting

How do you build the next generation of association executives? What do you do to build & retain talent and their skills?

02 Feb 2021

Social Media Strategy for Associations

Gain knowledge, skills and confidence to develop a social media strategy that supports your associations objectives

02 Feb 2021

UK CEO Group Meeting

What does success look like in 2021 for Associations?

04 Feb 2021

Intelligent Personalisation

Using data to achieve ‘right message, right person, right time’

11 Feb 2021

The Blueprint for CRM

It’s not a technical issue

16 Feb 2021

Event Specialist Group Meeting

23 Feb 2021

The 4 Ps of Virtual Events – Platform, Production, Planning and People

4 key elements to ensure expert delivery of your virtual and hybrid events

23 Feb 2021

International CEO Group Meeting

24 Feb 2021

Online Conference Systems Showcase Day

Learn how you can use the very best online systems to take your events and services online.

25 Feb 2021

Why Integrate your Events system and CRM / member database