The Ultimate Guide to Organising an Awards Competition

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Published on 3 May 2022

If you’ve ever organized an awards competition, you must know how challenging this could be. The bigger the awards the harder it is to manage all the moving parts. The good news is there’s a smarter way to approach every single element of your awards program and Evalato’s team made sure you master this with their holistic guide - The Ultimate Guide to Organizing an Awards Competition. It covers absolutely everything about awards management.

With this guide you’ll learn what makes an awards program tick, including:

  • why organize an awards competition in the first place;
  • how to ensure you have a winning formula on your hands;
  • creating, promoting and selling your award categories;
  • more marketing basics and not-so-basics;
  • formulating your judging criteria and evaluation phase;
  • preparing the legal terms for your awards;
  • picking the right tools for every job;
  • announcing the winners and overall results.

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