Savvy Congress

Partner update
Published on 22 October 2021

New, Better & Different

  • The platform of Savvy is now available in several languages. When participants are unable or unwilling to travel, they can still participate via Savvy’s online, multilingual platform n their own language and, if desired, with an interpreter. The interpreter can translate the presentation in real time. This ensures a full experience for all participants around the world! - It is now possible to chat one-on-one with another participant and to invite someone to talk to each other by webcam in a private room.
  • You can now add parallel sessions to the system with a personal agenda per participant. The participant can only see and participate in his/her sessions. Other participants may be excluded. The functionalities per online room can be adjusted in advance.
  • The formal voting can now be split up for different groups with different characteristics. The results of this can also be broken down on the basis of characteristics.
  • Our login is always secured by two-factor authentication. The participant is invited by mail, personal data is checked and receives the login code by SMS.
  • For your hybrid event, we now provide tablets for the participants on location to use during the event or meeting.
  • The participants can view the shared presentation in real time and review slides at any time.
  • You have the possibility to set up sponsor rooms or add sponsor information.
  • In Savvy you have more options than just the standard forms of interaction, namely also an evaluation, moodmirror, wordcloud and voting.


Savvy Congress
Savvy Congress